Bridging the Automotive Past with the Future: Cambria Private Capital

When Bill Gates famously remarked, "We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten," he encapsulated the dynamism of the tech world. However, his words resonate profoundly within the automotive industry today. The industry, with its rich history of innovation, stands at the threshold of its most transformational era yet, propelled by trends like Connectivity, Autonomy, Shared Mobility, and Electrification.

The global mobility market is surging towards a staggering value of $27 trillion by 2030, nearly double its valuation from a decade earlier. This exponential growth not only presents an economic behemoth but symbolises the reshaping of mobility. With this, comes the ripple effect: industries indirectly tied to automotive are now at the forefront of innovation, challenging the traditional paradigms established by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

As we witness this rapid evolution, one facet remains unchanged - the value of ecosystems. The future of mobility, in our perspective, hinges on resilient ecosystems that understand and adapt to these fluid dynamics. But to navigate this complex landscape, there's a need for a guiding force, a mentor, and a partner.

This is where Cambria Private Capital steps in. Our uniqueness stems from a blend of unparalleled industry experience and a profound understanding of start-up ecosystems. While industry statistics suggest only 8% of UK VCs have start-up exposure, our investment committee boasts a 100% record.

To founders, innovators, and disruptors eyeing the mobility space, we bring not just capital but mentorship, guidance, and a vast network that can supercharge your journey. For industry stakeholders, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals, our existence promises a partnership that understands the nuance of this sector, ensuring that every collaboration or deal is aligned with the evolving landscape of mobility.

In essence, Cambria Private Capital is more than just a fund. We are a mission – to foster the next wave of automotive innovation, to bridge the old with the new, and to ensure that the future of mobility is as glorious as its past.

Whether you are a founder, advisor, broker, lawyer or connected in anyway to developing companies in the mobility space, we would be delighted to see you and exchange ideas.