The Culture of Success at Carcare: The Engine Behind Our Partnership

At Cambria Private Capital, we cherish partnerships that are not only profitable but also culturally aligned with our ethos of integrity, community, and innovation. Carcare exemplifies such a partnership, where a profound commitment to a positive corporate culture matches remarkable financial metrics and market growth potential. This synergy is pivotal to navigating the expansive and increasingly competitive European automotive service market.

Understanding Carcare

Carcare operates at the forefront of the automotive service industry, offering an integrated software solution that simplifies the management of new and used car inventories, enhances dealership operations, and improves customer satisfaction. Their business model focuses on leveraging technology to provide seamless, scalable solutions for automotive dealers struggling with the complexities of inventory, sales, and customer management in a rapidly evolving “push” market landscape.

The Critical Role of Culture in Carcare’s Success

A Unified Vision

A recent full-company gathering at the HQ in Sweden, which included Carcare’s staff, board and advisors, was not only a testament to the cohesive and dynamic culture fostering the company’s success but also a platform where every team member could voice their excitement for the company’s future and discuss the inevitable challenges ahead. This inclusive approach ensures that all stakeholders are aligned and committed to the strategic goals set forth.

High Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Carcare boasts an NPS above 80, a stellar testament to internal and external satisfaction. This score reflects the effective internal teamwork and external customer service that is deeply embedded in the company’s culture. At Carcare, 'teamwork is making the dream work', a mantra that resonates through their operations and customer interactions.

Empowering Team Dynamics

The emphasis on a supportive and inclusive company culture at Carcare encourages innovation and agility—key attributes that enable the company to adapt quickly to new challenges in the automotive market. By fostering a workplace where ideas are freely shared and collaboration is commonplace, Carcare not only enhances its business agility but also ensures that all team members feel valued and invested in the company’s success.

Financials: An Important, Though Not Exclusive, Focus

While financial performance is critical and we meticulously pore over the financial metrics,  we understand that they are not the full answer. A thriving company culture and the ability to innovate and adapt are just as crucial for long-term financial success. Carcare’s approach to blending strong financial management with robust cultural practices exemplifies why they are a model partner for us.


As Carcare continues to expand its footprint across Europe, tackling the substantial challenges of both new and used car markets, it is its robust company culture that will continue to drive its success. The financial metrics and market potential are undoubtedly impressive, but it is the strength of their team and the unity of their vision that assure us of continued achievements in this collaborative journey. The UK is a key focus for 2024, which we believe comes at the right time given the current “push” dynamics we are seeing. In our view this is the right product at the right time backed with the right people to make this a real success for all stakeholders.

If you're interested in learning more about how Carcare can solve stock-related issues for dealers or want an introduction to their team, who are having real success for all of their dealer partners please let us know. Their team loves tackling these challenges and delivering results.

Have a great week.