Ignite and Scale with automotive industry legend, Glenn Mercer

This week Mike talks to automotive industry legend Glenn Mercer

Glenn Mercer brings to the table over three decades of expertise in the automotive industry, initiating his illustrious career in 1985 with McKinsey as a Partner in their Automotive Practice. Throughout his tenure, he engaged in numerous client projects, amassing a wealth of experience. Since 2006, Mercer has operated as an independent consultant, offering his services to a variety of prestigious investment firms such as KKR, Kleiner Perkins, and Baillie Gifford, as well as providing guidance to industry stakeholders like Ricardo, NADA, and NAAA. He has contributed as a board member to several automotive companies including Rimstock, Stackpole, and Grakon, served as an expert witness in legal matters related to the automotive sector, and shared his insights on automotive economics as a lecturer at esteemed institutions like Wharton, Coventry University, and CWRU.

Before embarking on his journey in the automotive world, Mercer gained valuable experience at the CIA and BP. His leadership roles have included serving as President of the Society of Automotive Analysts and Director of the International Motor Vehicle Program.

Glenn has also has owned 3 different NSXs(!), a WRX, an STi, a 928 and S2000 - Read and follow Glenn's Car Charts.

Glenn and Mike delve into Glenn's professional journey and explore the future changes in the automotive industry. They compare the distinctions between the US and UK, particularly in electric vehicles (EV), question why the industry still operates on a 'winner-takes-all' approach, and discuss the role of software in transforming the automotive sector.

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