Ignite & Scale with Max Pog, Founder Venture Studio Family

In this week's episode Mike talks to Max Pog

Max is fully immersed in the world of venture studios having researched the model extensively with a 7-month report called Big Startup Studios research and created a huge online community. Those that aren't familiar with the Venture studios model, also known as startup studios or company builders, are organizations that build companies using their own ideas and resources. Unlike traditional venture capital firms that invest in existing companies, venture studios are hands-on, actively participating in or leading the development of the business from the ground up. Max has run two of the largest venture studio conferences on Linkedin, each drawing over a thousand registrants; He's fostering a thriving community through the Venture Studio Family.

Max has been at the helm of creating three profitable ventures from the ground up: a successful e-commerce electronics reselling business that he sold at 17.

In their conversation, Max and Mike delve into the triumphs of Venture Studios and examine how they stand apart from conventional incubators and accelerators. They explore the criteria for selecting the finest venture studio and the advantages entrepreneurs can gain by partnering with one. Max also share's compelling success stories that have emerged from venture studios and they touch on Max's venture community, the growing interest from venture capitalists, and Max's insights on the potential evolution of the venture studio model.

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