Ignite and Scale with Quentin Le Hetet, Country Director UK at GiPA

Quentin is the UK Country Director at GiPA, an organization renowned for its in-depth market research and intelligence in the automotive sector. Under his leadership, GiPA recently conducted the comprehensive "GiPA EV Drivers Survey 2024," offering invaluable insights into the EV market, driver preferences, and the evolving landscape of automotive maintenance and care.

Mike and Quentin do a deep dive into the GiPA EV Drivers Survey 2024, with growth in the EV sector and shifts in consumer preferences. They discuss the most surprising consumer attitudes toward EVs revealed in the survey, particularly regarding purchasing habits and brand preferences. Also the key factors driving the adoption of EVs in the UK and and what trends should consumers and industry stakeholders be prepared for?

Ask for the GiPA EV Drivers Survey 2024 report here or visit the GiPA's website.

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