What we are reading

I was lucky enough to have a long summer break ahead of the launch of the fund and got through an extensive reading list for the exciting challenge ahead. I must admit I love strategic planning. It's the blueprint of our ambitions, sketched out in grand visions and intricate details. But the truth is, as many experienced operators and advisors know, penning down strategies or crafting immaculate investment papers is probably less than half the battle. Execution, with its relentless demand and unpredictable challenges, is where many falter. That's where "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" comes into play. It’s a book I have read before, but it's interesting how insightful it is when you return to the details. I thought I would summarise what I believe are the key takeaways:

**Focus on the Wildly Important: ** First things first, you need to pinpoint the most critical goals for your business or in my case fund. Is it about investing in groundbreaking autonomous driving tech or revolutionising the electric vehicle market? By focusing on just a couple of wildly important objectives, you avoid spreading your resources too thin and ensure your fund is laser-focused on what truly matters.

**Act on the Lead Measures: ** In the world of venture capital, numbers matter. Identify those key metrics that can truly influence your goals. Maybe it's the number of startups you invest in, or the market share they capture. These lead measures are your compass, guiding you toward your destination.

**Keep a Compelling Scoreboard: ** Imagine this: a scoreboard that lights up like Times Square, displaying your fund's progress in real-time. It's not just for show; it keeps you and your stakeholders engaged and motivated. Think of it as a game where you want to win big, and this scoreboard is your MVP.

**Create a Cadence of Accountability: ** Regular check-ins are your pit stops on this VC race. They keep you on track, help you navigate obstacles, and fine-tune your strategy. They ensure that you and your corporate car dealer backer stay committed and aligned, driving together toward your mutual success.

The reading list on our website is more than a compilation, it's an open dialogue. Whether you are a founder, a funder, an advisor, or somebody working in the automotive industry, we love exchanging ideas and views about our exciting space. We’ve been delighted with the response to the launch of the fund and it's great to interact with so many different growth businesses in the ecosystem. Even after nearly 23 years of analysing the industry, the perspective we are getting to look through the lens of so many early-stage companies with so much potential amidst such industry change is truly unique and exciting.

Have a great week.