Key Takeaways from US Car Dealers Q4 Earnings

The final quarter of 2023 has been a revealing period for the US car dealership industry, marked by resilience and strategic agility amidst ongoing challenges. The earnings presentations from Penske Automotive Group, Group 1 Automotive, Sonic Automotive, Lithia Motors, and AutoNation offer a panoramic view of the sector's health and future direction. This analysis delves into their operational performances, strategic pivots, and risk landscapes, providing a comprehensive overview of where these titans stand and where they're headed.

Operational Performance: A Comparative View

Revenue growth across the board underscores the sector's resilience. Penske Automotive Group and Lithia Motors reported significant increases, buoyed by a mix of new and used vehicle sales and strategic acquisitions. Group 1 Automotive's focus on parts and service growth, alongside AutoNation's robust operating results, highlights the diversity of strategies employed to capture and sustain market demand. Sonic Automotive's emphasis on its EchoPark segment points to a burgeoning interest in the used vehicle market, a trend mirrored across the industry.

Margins, however, tell a story of caution and strategic cost management. Despite revenue upticks, the dealers faced margin pressures from various fronts, including supply chain constraints and shifting consumer preferences. Their responses, from streamlining operations to enhancing digital sales platforms, underscore a sector in adaptive mode, recalibrating to maintain profitability. This has been a familiar picture we have seen in the UK as well, albeit cost pressures appear to have been better absorbed by the US operators benefiting from greater scale.

Strategic Priorities: Divergence and Convergence

Digital transformation emerged as a universal strategic priority, albeit with varied implementations. Lithia Motors' investment in its Driveway platform exemplifies the push toward digital sales and customer service enhancements. Similarly, Group 1 Automotive's AcceleRide platform underscores a sector-wide pivot to online commerce, a response to changing consumer behaviours accelerated by the pandemic.

Acquisitions remain a critical growth lever. Penske's expansion into the U.K. with the acquisition of Rybrook Group and Group 1 Automotive's strategic investments in diversified markets indicate an aggressive approach to scaling operations and capturing new customer segments.

Capital Allocation: Balancing Growth and Shareholder Returns

The dealers showcased a balanced approach to capital allocation, steering between reinvestment in growth initiatives and rewarding shareholders. Share repurchases and dividends were common themes, reflecting confidence in their business models and future profitability. This dual focus signals a mature industry cognizant of the need to sustain growth while also ensuring shareholder value.

Valuations remain low

Similar to what we have seen with UK dealers, the US dealers also have historically low valuations. This basket of companies trades on a P/E of sub 10x prospective earnings according to data from Sharepad. Historically such businesses have traded on average between 13-15x when organic earnings momentum has been positive. The Group’s has historically traded at a premium to its UK counterparts due to its scale and higher ROCE. The direction of travel in both markets remain the same as investors across both sides of the pond try to digest common industry change, albeit agency is not yet prevalent in the US now and something less to worry about vs. its UK counterparts.

Risk Landscape: Anticipating the Bumps Ahead

Supply chain disruptions and economic uncertainties loomed large in their reports, with each company outlining strategies to mitigate these risks. The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) represents both a challenge and an opportunity, with dealerships adjusting their inventories and services to accommodate the shift towards sustainable transportation.


The Q4 2023 earnings reports from America's leading car dealers paint a picture of an industry at a crossroads, facing familiar challenges but also armed with strategic insights and operational resilience. Their collective journey ahead is paved with opportunities for innovation, market expansion, and enhanced customer experiences. As they navigate the shifting landscape, their strategies - rooted in digital transformation, strategic acquisitions, and prudent capital allocation - will be key to driving growth and navigating the uncertainties of the road ahead.

In sum, the automotive retail sector remains a beacon of adaptability and strategic foresight, poised to turn challenges into opportunities. As we look towards the future, the lessons from these Q4 earnings insights underscore the importance of agility, customer focus, and strategic investment in sustaining leadership and driving the industry forward.

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