Bridging the automotive past with the future

Cambria Private Capital part of Cambria Investments Holdings Ltd is an early and growth stage investor in post seed/mobility companies.

We invest in the most ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to build market leading companies that solve real problems in the automotive market.

Why we are different

  • Unrivalled investment committee with over 150 years of automotive/investment experience
  • Ability to backtest solutions/offerings in a real dealer environment
  • Proven track record of advising successful start-ups, building businesses, and advising on successful exits
  • Deep knowledge of sector trends that will shape the future
  • Significant network to help companies at all stages of investment
  • Applying Group values to give companies the best chance of success
  • Work with leading ESG agencies from inception to ensure both the fund and the portfolio companies have a positive impact on society for all stakeholders
  • We are passionate about working with exceptional founders to deliver extraordinary returns